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Jazzmine Marie Nolan was born and raised in St. Louis, MO where she entered herself into her first pageant at age 15 1/2 where she won 1st runner up. Since then, Jazzmine has been competing in scholarship pageants and is currently the reigning Miss Missouri and Miss Missouri Plus. Jazzmine directs and judges pageants locally and nationally as she specializes in public speaking, on stage poise, interview and specialized wardrobe.  She works hard to educate women on the importance of self-love, self-respect and integrity, not only in pageantry but through her many paths in life. Her "zero tolerance" approach is one that has been accepted as motivation for many women on their journey through living a larger life. 

Queen Consulting Services

Personal Development

Have you established what your skills, qualities, aims in life or goals are in order to maximize your Queen Potential? If not, we have work to do lady, as this is a lifelong process and we have to get your started today! 

Professional Development

Are you struggling with identifying your attributes, contributions and areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to grow professionally? If so, let's organize your resume and obtain everything necessary to elevate your career as YOU see fit. 

Brand Development

Ever though about how you are viewed by your audience? You know the people, companies, agencies or organizations looking to hire you or simply be in your company? Is your current presence giving them enough reason to? Lets tackle this! 

Pageant Coaching

First pageant? More competition this time? Are the stakes higher for a title you must have? Great! Challenging opportunities make exceptional character. Let's work on your pageant documents, walk, stage presence, poise, public speaking, interviewing, wardrobe,platform development, health & fitness together.  

Model Coaching 

Are you struggling to enter the plus size modeling world? Have you established a manager, training, agency and image? Are your pictures coming out flat and not reflecting your personality or your specific modeling area? It's important that you have someone in your corner that will connect the dots with you. Lets do it!

Brand Coaching

Trying to figure out how to strengthen your brand by getting in front of the right people? Have you completed the research necessary to make sure you have established the right marketing material for YOU? Do you know how to present your personal and or professional brand? If not, we have to get this together NOW!

Queen-Diva Packages 

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Diva Coaching Package 


One-Time purchase

1 Day Package 

1 hr online session

1 hr: Pageant, Modeling or Brand Coaching

Diva Coaching Package

Queen Coaching Package


One-Time Purchase 

5 Day Package

3: 1 hr online sessions

1 hr: Pageant Coaching 

1 hr: Model Coaching 

1 hr: Brand Coaching 

Queen Coaching Package

Diva Bundle Package


One-Time Purchase 

30 day Package 

5: 1 hr online sessions

5 hrs: Personal Development 

5 hrs: Professional Development 

5 hrs: Brand Development 

Diva Bundle Package

Queen Diva Bundle Package


One-Time Purchase 

60 Day Package

10: 1 hr online  sessions

10 hrs: Personal Development 

10 hrs: Professional Development 

10 hrs: Brand Development 

10 hrs: Pageant and or Modeling Management

Queen Diva Bundle Package