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The Miss BBW Scholarship Pageant was established on the campus of Harris Stowe State University, March 2016, by the 2016 Senior Class Council Members:

                                               1. Christian Neil  President 

                                               2. Jazzmine Nolan Vice President 

On a mission to offer plus size women the opportunity to earn academic scholarships, the directors put together a prestigious, yet glamorous experience for women sizes 14+. These women excel academically on their campuses and deserve the right to express what it means to be a Big Beautiful Woman. 

Miss BBW Scholarship 

Pageant Requirements 

1. Be a dress size 14+. 

2. Posses a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application 

3. Be 18+ at the time of application 

4. Be collegiate student in an undergraduate or graduate program. 

5. Able to pay the $50 application fee 

6. Able to commit to training, workshops and practices the week of the pageant. 

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Miss BBW Scholarship 

Pageant Information and Application 

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Miss BBW Scholarship Application

Miss BBW Scholarship Pageant Fee 

Participants must pay their application fee here 7 days after their schools scheduled informational. 

Miss BBW Scholarship Fee 


It is imperative that we prepare the entire court, on each campus, for the year ahead of them. Participating court members learn the importance of professional development, personal appearance, public speaking, stage presence, community service and leadership. Therefore we offer workshops to each court in order to develop these skills; not just for the pageant, but for life. 

 Heel......No Problem

Within the Heel......No Problem workshop directors train participants how to properly walk in pageant appropriate heels. We instruct on the difference between a pageant walk and a run way model walk. Participants become aware of their body posture in heels, angels that flatter them and turns that compliment their walk.  

Queens to Service 

Within Queens to Service, participants conduct a service project at an area women and children's shelter. Together the participants meet, develop, plan and execute the project. The ladies will learn how to set up service projects, delegate tasks, learn others strengths and weaknesses as well as become apart of their community. 

 Queens Lead 

Within Queens Lead, participants learn intricate parts of professional development such as public speaking, scanning the audience, posture, answering questions, interviewing skills, professional appearance, professional etiquette and the importance of being knowledgeable of multiple topics. With these skills, Queens are able to lead and teach others these skills both directly and indirectly during their reigns.  

Undergarment Expert 

Participants learn the diversity of undergarments and which ones flatter their body types. The display of what to do and what not to do often grasps the attention of all participants. Proper coverage of body parts under loose fitting or tight fitted clothing is displayed as well. Participants are able to bring their current undergarments and learn about new ones. 

Hair, Nails and Makeup

Within Hair, Nails and Makeup we instruct participants on the appropriate steps to take in completing pageant hair, nails, makeup and accessories. It is important that the Queens understand that less is most often more in pageantry. Properly matching hairstyles, makeup, nail colors/styles can make or break a look on stage. 

Plus Size Fashion 

Within the Plus Size Fashion Workshop, area boutiques and designers bring in their best fashions. The Designers and Boutique owners inform participants of the material within their stores or boutiques. Participants have the opportunity to purchase garments for the pageant and their wardrobes as a whole. 

The Miss BBW Scholarship Pageant Directors

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Christian Neil

My name is Christian Marie Neil, I am 25 years old and a graduate student At Webster University. I am working towards a Masters of Arts in Education and Innovation. I currently hold a Bachelors of Science in Educational Studies degree from Harris- Stowe State University. I am a young woman who loves education, family and God! I am the praise dance leader of my church, Temple Christian Fellowship, a youth counselor at the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club, a youth mentor and 1/3 creators of the Miss BBW Scholarship Pageant. I am here to serve, please contact me if I can assist you in any way. Thank you.

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Jazzmine Nolan

Jazzmine Nolan is the reigning 2017 Miss Missouri State of the Miss American Diamonds Pageantry System. She has been competing in pageants since high school in which she paid for her half of her undergraduate studies at Harris Stowe State University. Ms. Nolan participated in several pageants during her undergraduate career including Miss HSSU, Miss Black and Gold and Miss Sigma Alpha Phi where she learned that she was provided 1st runner up-3rd place not because she couldn't compete, but because of her dress size. From there, the Miss BBW Scholarship Pageant was born in 2016.  

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