Jazzmine Marie Nolan 

Ms. Nolan strives to change the way we acknowledge, identify, serve, protect and love 1st Generation Everything's. She has a strong desire to implement new models for housing programs that permit unaccompanied youth to live free of isolation, institutionalization and forced reunification. Ms. Nolan is persistent in her development of programs that incorporate today's youth perspective, today's youth traumas, today's means of youth expression and today's progressive youth lifestyles. She believes that it is time for leadership that reflects today, that reflects the population being served and that have proven methods to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Jazzmine Marie Nolan's Beginning 

Ms. Nolan's passion for youth development began upon the tragic murder of her father at age 12. She knew that she was called to serve but was unaware of the path she would embark on. Until she established that stepping was her vehicle through rebellion, anger and anxiety as an adolescent. At age 15, Ms. Nolan became homeless and gained a desire to change several generational cycles. Still gainfully employed, still a straight A student and still a student leader, Ms. Nolan plowed her way through high school, undergraduate studies, graduate studies, a doctoral program, a career and a consulting firm Marie Management LLC, independent of all natural and state/government supports. Pageantry, Stepping, Education and Service all became foundations for Ms. Nolan to advocate for herself and others. She has operated the pilot step team and mentoring program independently since 2007, followed by the housing program in 2008, entrepreneurship program in 2009 and pageantry program in 2016.